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When empty glass bottles started to pile up at home, Udit Singhal, then a 16 year old student at The British School New Delhi asked why?

Udit found that the waste collectors (kabadis) had stopped paying the few rupees per bottle that they did. Collection of glass bottles for recycling had become unviable for them because of dropping demand and because large storage spaces were needed and the transport costs were high. Empty glass bottles were not segregated anymore and started to go for dumping in the landfills.

Scarce landfill space was already a concern for the local municipal bodies. Glass does not decompose for a million years. So, Udit was keen to find a solution. His search ended in New Zealand, with an innovative environmentally friendly technology – Glass2Sand.

After formalising an understanding with the Kiwi patent-holders, Udit imported the GLSand machine from New Zealand. His bankers, Citibank, gave special approval for the transfer of the funds. His project was deemed worthy of a special grant from the New Zealand High Commissioner in India, H.E. Mrs. Joanna Kempkers.


The Mounting Glass Bottle crisis

Udit Singhal
Our Founder

Udit Singhal

Udit Singhal, a 17 year old, is a student of Year 13 (the final year of the IB Diploma Program) at The British School, New Delhi.

He joined the School Student Council 2018-19 as the Multimedia Manager, responsible for digital communication and school websites.

He has lived in Delhi, since he was born, and is concerned about sustainable development and protecting the planet. At this time, he aspires to be an entrepreneur.

He unwinds on the golf course and loves to create artworks in whatever spare time he can find.

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